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Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Santa Fe

Thank you for your interest in eyelash extensions Santa Fe. We love radiant eyelashes and we want to give that to you.

We know it's hard to find a reliable lash artist who does consistent work. We understand how hard it is to get full and longer eyelashes with clumpy mascara. Here at our salon we want to be dependable with our lash application and lengthen

your lashes with meticulous placement.

Our lash bar provides a few services that will upgrade your eyes.

We offer eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and lash tinting. Each of our services are sure to make you feel one of a kind.

We love to make you feel better than ever. You will love your eyelash extensions every time. We want to make your day brighter when you are spending time with us.

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About Eyelash Extensions Santa Fe NM

Our main goal is to give you pure and lustrous eyelash extensions. We have highly trained lash technicians who carry many certifications. Their qualifications ensure precise application at every appointment.

We value your happiness and want you to leave pleased with our work every time. With our consistency and exceptional customer service, you are sure to be thrilled every time.

We have been in the community for a long time and we know that we apply the best eyelash extensions Santa Fe has to offer. We also pride ourselves in the most quality work compared to surrounding areas. Eyelashes are fragile and it is important to us that we keep the integrity of your natural lashes at all times

Our lash bar can customize any application to give you the best false eyelashes. We will glam you up while having people wonder if

your glamorous eyelashes are natural or fake lashes. We map out your lash application to ensure that your eyelash extensions are personalized for you.

We are committed to giving you eyelashes that fit in with your life while complimenting your eye shape and overall look you aspire to have. With the help of professional grade glue and one of a kind lash application, you will turn heads everywhere you go.

What to Expect

The most important thing for long lasting lash extension retention is high quality materials. Our adhesive is medical grade and fast drying. The glue is formaldehyde free and designed to safely be around your eyes.

The false eyelashes we use are the best eyelash extensions Santa Fe provides. With a variety of length and diameter, you will have a customized lash look every single appointment. It is crucial to have the highest quality of products used on your face.

Our clients keep coming back to us because we care. We care about your experience, lash application, and our lash technicians quality of work. You need to feel good about everything at your appointment.

The eyelash extension experience is simple and relaxing. Once you book an appointment with us, you are ready for your time in our salon. The lash extension application is pain free and calming. You’ll be sure to rest and forget about your troubles.

After your lash appointment, we will follow up with you to make sure everything is alright and we will pre book a lash extension fill appointment. This will ensure full lashes at all times. Our clients keep coming back because we are consistent in our quality.

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Why Choose Us

santa fe eyelashes extensions

Anything is possible with great eyelash extensions. We are the best salon for Santa Fe eyelash extensions and we offer the highest quality work..

It has always been our dream to serve our area with jaw dropping lash applications. We work hard every day to make that dream a reality.

It is important to us that:

  • You are given the eyelash extensions of your dreams
  • Our salon is clean and sanitized 100% of the time
  • Our lash artists are always multi-certified and highly trained.
  • You are pleased with your eyelashes every time.
  • You trust our lash artists to educate you when needed.

Our lash bar has been giving Santa Fe eyelash extensions for many years. We know what the community needs and that is the best eyelash extensions Santa Fe can offer.

Once you step into our serene salon and get the perfect lashes you’ve been looking for, you will know that we are the salon for you.

Call today to make an appointment with us. We can answer all questions that you have and ensure an appointment that will work best for you.

We want you to feel confident and we want to give that confidence to you with lashes.


It is our goal to give you services that are needed for you and the women in our community. We offer services that will provide an uplift to your overall look and keep you feeling youthful and fresh. All of our services have their benefits and can be added on to another service.

Classic Lashes

Classic lash extensions are a great option for you if you have full natural lashes. The classic lash ratio is 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash. These lashes will create a look that is similar to mascara with each individual lash extension diameter ranging from .10 mm to .15 mm. The classic eyelash extension style is great for that simple mascara look without the mascara clumps and it can still give a dramatic look if your natural lashes will allow.

Volume lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are the perfect option for everyone. They are especially ideal for you if your natural lashes are sparse and thin and you want a full and thick lash extension look. The volume lash ratio is 3-5 eyelash extensions to 1 natural lash. The thinner extension diameter ranging from .05mm to .07mm ensures a perfectly weighted eyelash extension fan that will not damage your natural lashes by being too heavy.

Eyelash Extension Fill

A lash fill is done every few weeks to ensure full Santa Fe lash extensions at all times. Your natural lashes shed each month, so your eyelash extensions need to be filled in where they fall out. It is crucial to be consistent with your fill appointments, so you will always have even and full lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal

There are a few reasons why you might want to remove your lashes. Some people may have an allergic reaction or you may want to take a break. The lash extension removal process can be done on your eyelashes at any time. We keep the integrity of your natural lashes while removing your fake lashes.

Lash Tint

The simplest way to change up your eyes is to tint your eyelashes. We carry a wide variety of pigments to ensure a desired color for anyone. Eyelash tinting can be done with any other service that we offer. It is a quick process and safe to do around your eyes.

Lash Lift

We offer the most low maintenance lash lift Santa Fe has to offer. This is a long lasting application that will elevate your eyelash with a perfect curl. The lash lift process is completely safe around the eyes. Your natural lashes are curled with a lift lotion and silicone rod to give you a look of false lashes without the lash extensions.

About Santa Fe

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and is loved for its Pueblo-type architecture. It is categorized as one of the greatest art cities in the world. It is catalogued as one of the best places to retire. It is so rich in history and culture.

Santa Fe is widely known for its melting pot of Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American cultures. These cultures are shown throughout the city in its art, food, and architecture. With a population of almost 85,000 people, it is the 4th largest city in New Mexico.

Surrounding cities include:

  1. Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM
  2. La Cienega, NM
  3. Agua Fria, NM
  4. Tesuque, NM
  5. Glorieta, NM
  6. Galiesto, NM
  7. Chupadero, NM
  8. Rio En Medio, NM
  9. Lamy, NM

Happy Clients

I love the energy at this salon! It was so relaxing and I felt calm during the whole process. My eyelashes look phenomenal. I will definitely be back for my fill!

Lindsey L.

My lash artist was professional and friendly. She gave me the best eyelashes for my eye shape. I have never been happier about my lash extension application!

Kim R.

Every time I come in, the salon staff is so welcoming and professional! I fell asleep while getting my eyelashes done. That’s how relaxing the experience was. I loved the outcome of my lashes and they've never looked better.

Madison W.

Frequently asked questiona

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the best fake eyelashes placed on your natural lashes with meticulous technique to add length and volume.

Is the glue safe around the eyes?

We use a medical grade adhesive that is safe around your eyes. We cycle through our glue fast enough for it to always be fresh.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Eyelash extension costs vary with each service. You can call and ask about specific pricing at any time.

Can I wear mascara?

Mascar wearing is discouraged by us. Mascara dries out the lash adhesive and causes the lash extensions to fall off prematurely.

What are the best eyelashes for me?

The best eyelashes Santa Fe has to offer will be best suited for your eye shape and your lifestyle. We make sure to have a brief consultation before your appointment to go over the best options for you.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

Our lash artists are highly trained, so they take great care around your eyes. The process should not and does not hurt. You will be so relaxed during the appointment.

Can I wear mascara?

Mascar wearing is discouraged by us. Mascara dries out the lash adhesive and causes the lash extensions to fall off prematurely.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

Our lash artists are highly trained, so they take great care around your eyes. The process should not and does not hurt. You will be so relaxed during the appointment.

Can my eyelashes be removed?

Eyelash extension can be removed at any time.

Are there eyelash extensions near me?

If you are in Santa Fe and you searched “lash extensions near me”, then you’ve landed on the right spot.

Is there maintenance involved with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions last longer when they are cleansed daily. It is also important that you do not tug or pull on your eyelashes. The less you mess with your eyelash extensions, the longer they will stay on. We also advise consistent fill appointments to keep your lashes full.

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